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5×5 Insider Tips for Nuremberg

Nuremberg is not only the second biggest but also one of the most beautiful cities in Bavaria. This is where it all happens, regardless of age. And the city definitely has a lot more to offer than the Kaiserburg, Henkersteg or the Albrecht Dürer Haus. I present to you: the top 5×5 insider tips for Nuremberg.


Nuremberg - 5x5

Photo: 5×5 Insider Tips for Nuremberg – The most interesting museums and exhibition venues, the wildest clubs, the most stylish bars and cafes, the tastiest restaurants and snack bars, as well as the coolest shops.

1. Insider Tips Nuremberg – the most interesting museums and exhibition venues
Nuremberg is home to 40 different museums. Obviously this can be a bit overwhelming!
The following museums are absolute an absolute on a visit to Nuremberg!

Nuremberg - musem

Photo: Insider Tips Nuremberg – Museums and Exhibition Venues




Dominik, 25, Barkeeper
“The German National Museum in Nuremberg is one of the biggest museums for culture, art and history in the German speaking region. I like the Way of Human Rights the most; it’s beautiful.”




Marius, 34, Graphic Designer

“As a designer I love the Museum for Communication, that goes without saying! It’s quite entertaining and my son always manages to find plenty of buttons to play around with.”






Benni, 23, Student
“If you like contemporary art you should definitely visit the Kunsthalle. They host a number of changing exhibitions that are always worth seeing.”







Michael, 35, Optician
“Nuremberg‘s creative crowd normally gathers at the Old Quelle in the Fürther Straße. Here, a number of exciting and surprising exhibitions are put on.“






My own tip: “I am a big fan of the Neue Museum. The architecture alone makes me want to stay for hours. The museum hosts regular exhibitions that are almost never boring. And a visit to the bookshop Walther König is a must.”


2. Insider Tips Nuremberg – the wildest clubs
Nuremberg has a great nightlife. The city of 500.000 is constantly putting on outstanding concerts and international DJs. Nuremberg has nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to going out!





Rory, 31, Artist
“I like the Hemdendienst the most. Normally you only go inside the bar to get a drink – all of the action goes on outside on the pavement. Very unusual for Nuremberg but so much fun! And they play good music too, of course!“





Verena, 25, unemployed
“K4 is more than just an ordinary club. It’s home to various cultural and dance events. In the past soldiers came here to hang out.“







Cécile, 21, Student
“Of course Blok at the Klarissenplatz, no doubt! First of all it doesn’t cost anything to get in. And secondly the drinks are great and the best DJs in town play there.”






Adrian, 20, Farmer
“Stereo hosts the best indie rock nights. You can grab a beer for two Euros! Stereo has a table football table and the city’s most beautiful women.”






My own tip: “Experience the best techno parties at Rakete. They’ve been hosting them for years! Rakete is amongst the country’s top ten clubs for a reason.”


3. Insider Tips Nuremberg – the most stylish bars and cafés
Coffee in the morning, afternoon, and evening, and beer and long drinks at night. Nuremberg has several Cafés that serve tasty breakfast during the day but transform into amazing bars with delicious cocktails and long drinks in the evening. The love for detail and furniture from another era stay the same.




Sarah, 24, Marketing – Manager
“The Mainheimis one of the most beautiful Cafés in town. They serve the best Moscow Mule and it’s a great place to celebrate your birthday. Their breakfast is delicious!”







Teddy, 23, Student
“I’m on my way to Ludwigs. They have good wines, live music and a variety of beer and cakes. It’s like my second home.”








Katrin, 20, Chef
“La Violetta is really cute. The cakes and coffee taste delicious. And you can feel the love for detail in every corner.”







Till, 30, Entrepreneur
“If you’re looking for a stylish bar with really good cocktails then go see the guys at BMF Bar. The location is great. And they have Champagne.”





My own tip: “The real secret tip at the moment is the Café Katz. Great vintage furniture, delicious beers and drinks. Interesting people. A relaxed atmosphere and good music. On a sunny day it is the place to be. Hurry! “

4. Insider Tips Nuremberg – the tastiest restaurants
Of course Nuremberg has more delicacies to offer than its famous barbecue sausage. If you eat meat, definitely give Schäufele a try. As well as Currywurst or Pizza. And if that’s not really your thing: The city is also home to a number of fine dining establishments.




Lukas, 21, Musician & Student
“Il Rossini serves the best Pizza. For a small price you can get a giant pizza or delicious pasta. And the service is great.”







Flo, 34, Sales Representative
“If you’re craving traditional Franconian food try a Schäufele at the Schäufelewirtschaft. If you don’t eat meat try their soups. Delish.”








Max, 20, Apprentice
“Wurstdurst is a secret spot in Nuremberg. I don’t think many people know about it yet. Make sure you try their Samurai Mayonnaise.“








Ellie, 22, Student
“I really like the ambience at Estragon. In addition to Mediterranean food they also serve Franconian specialties. I think it’s amazing that this restaurant employs people with disabilities.”





My own tip: “I love good food. I prefer to order one dish too many than not enough. If you want to go out and dine with your friends then visit ess brand. And don’t worry: Even though the quality is above average, the food is still affordable.”


5. Insider Tips Nuremberg – the coolest shops 
Shopping is great fun in Nuremberg. If you don’t like big department stores the city offers some really good alternatives.




Maxi, 20, Apprentice
“I always find something when I go to Crämer & Co. They have a great selection of fashion labels and even have their own in-shop tailor.”







Madeleine, 21, Apprentice
“Finally Nuremberg also has a “Kauf Dich Glücklich”. I really like their collection of clothes, books and records. And their interior design, too.”







Lennart, 22, Student
“I don’t like department stores. I prefer shopping in stores that are designed like small living rooms. Bube & König is a shop like that. It sells small high-quality brands who nobody has heard of.”







Basti, 23, Student
“I like Herr Menig. They have the most extraordinary and beautiful glasses in the world. And if you ask nicely you’ll get a cup of espresso or a glass of beer on the house.”





My own tip: “Laden 12 is my top address for fashion. I like its interior design and the selection of labels. The service is great and shopping is great fun here.”


General Information  
Getting there: Take the train and arrive hassle-free at the main station. Or take one of the several flights that arrive here every day from allover Germany and Europe.
Accommodation: Nuremberg offers a variety of different hotels. I recommend the Motel1 for a relaxed stay. It’s located close to the station and is ideal for day trips into the city.
Prices are more than fair. The rooms are tastefully designed and have everything you need. I liked the TV instead of an aquarium in my room. I miss my childhood aquarium!
Last but not least: Their breakfast buffet is great. Thanks for the nice stay!

Tip: Definitely visit Nuremberg’s flea market. The whole city turns into a market and you can get a bargain on every corner.

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