May gets off to a hot start! Unbelievable but true, fate had something great in store for me and let me discover Jazz in its home place. My first festival in May 2012 is….

8th Festival: St Lucia Jazz Festival in the Caribbean


In May the entire island is going to be grooving to the sound of caribbean and international jazz superstars at Saint Lucia’s Jazz Festival. Lionel Richie and Amy Winehouse played here, back in the day. I first experienced jazz in a basement in New York, but I can totally see myself getting into it!


9th Festival: Sani Gourmet Festival in Greece


From the 13th to 22nd of May Greece’s culinary highlight is taking place in Sani Resort: the „New Greek Cuisine“. Numerous celebrity chefs from allover will be attending to present their interpretations of greek cuisine and spoil the visitors with their creations. I’m going to be there and curious to find out what first class cuisine is like in times of financial turmoil. One thing is definite, this week will reveal what contemporary greek food is like. And, one of Austria’s finest chefs will be there too.

10th festival: Springfestival in Graz
For 6 days I’ll be attending the urban indoor-festival in Graz, which is all about electronic music and art. This festival is largest of its kind in Austria and it’s well-known for its unusual atmosphere and crazy locations, such as a gig at ‚Dom in Berg‘, a cliff in Graz’s Palace Hill. I found the festival’s video really inspiring!

11th festival: Elderflower Fields in England
Brand new, fresh and a secret tip for the whole family. The Elderflower Fields Festival is being launched for the first time in Sussex and focusses on creating a family-friendly atmosphere and experience. Apart from that, I don’t know very much, so I look forward to being suprised. The video certainly looks good!

That’s it so far, these are my festivals for May 2012!

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