No, it’s no April Fools’ Day joke, I’m inviting you to Berlin for a weekend with me in the coolest city in the world ;) Beside all the Festival stress, we all need some great time! You don’t need to do anything, you just have to be something – a Super Surfer!


Do you enjoy traveling? Are you sociable? Do you like meeting people who share your same interests and delight in traveling where all takes place? So you fit perfectly to the Roomsurfer principle and you can become a Supersurfer. Roomsurfer is a new and fresh platform that is now offering you an unforgettable trip in Berlin. With this platform you can enter your favourite city, select your interests and find your ideal host, someone who shares lots of things with you and can show you what you really want to see. Nice, huh? Check Roomsurfer homepage for further information. With this contest you can win a flight to Berlin on April 28 2012 (you should live next to one of these 100 major European cities), meet there your Roomsurfer host, revel in a rich program and get an exclusive invitation to the Roomsurfer Launchparty! From the afternoon of April 29 you’ll have time to savor Berlin and, sometime, you’ll be flown back to your city.

And now an overview
When: from 28th to 29th April
Where: in Berlin
What: an unforgettable trip and my company!
What should I do? Prove me that you are a Super Surfer. Make a comment to this post, like LILIES DIARY on Facebook  and post a picture.
You have time until April 6, then we’ll announce the lucky guest who will join me in Berlin. I’m really looking forward to it, and I hope you are looking forward to Berlin, too.
Good luck and let your ideas flow ;)
P.S. Your chances increase enormously if you are a “Social Media” animal ;)

1. Like LILIES DIARY on Facebook
2. Like this post
3. Comment this post with a mail address
1. Follow @Lilies_Diary in Twitter
2. Retweet this post with the Hashtag #roomsurfer
PPS: One more surprise for the winner in Berlin, a surprise that could change our winner’s life :)


Tea Time


Berlin for a weekend and I am sure you will have fun, fun, fun…



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