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Lilies Diary | 20. January 2017

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Mannheim attractions – a mini-Berlin

10. October 2016 |

I know – I’m leaning a bit far out of my window here in making such a bold statement. But I think I’m qualified to make it too – after all, I do live in Berlin. Mannheim, it‘s a bit … Read More

Tips for Stuttgart – What not to miss on your 24-hour trip

11. September 2016 |

Wear comfy shoes! Stuttgart is big, there’s loads to explore, and it’s hilly. Which accounts for some spectacular views over the city. Combine hilltop vistas with numerous resting spots by the water – what a unique place to be! Check … Read More

Ulm Travel Tips – A City of Superlatives

9. September 2016 |

The world’s highest church tower, the Guinness Book of Records’ most crooked hotel, the oldest sculpture of animals and humans (40,000 years old), Germany’s best-maintained fortress, and, until 2009, the shortest urban railway network. Ulm is a city of superlatives … Read More

7 insider tips for a fabulous weekend in Cologne

24. November 2015 |

A weekend in Cologne, Germany’s fourth biggest city and my all-time favourite. Why? I ask myself that question too sometimes. It was definitely love at first sight for me and Cologne when I went there for the first time at … Read More

My 7 tips for the ‘Kiez’ Friedrichshain in Berlin

24. November 2015 |

I’ve been in Berlin for almost five years now and still feel like I don’t really know anything. Every time I’m asked to give some recommendations I just blush and attempt to change the topic. To be honest, there is … Read More

Bremen – a perfect weekend in the Hanseatic city

14. October 2015 |

Moin Bremen, my beloved home town. Oh, how I miss you! Because I miss Bremen and its inhabitants so much, today I’m going to show you how to fall in love with this beautiful Hanseatic city in only a weekend. … Read More

Unusual sights that only Berlin has to offer

17. September 2015 |

Berlin is always worth a visit, and once you’ve seen all the city’s famous sights you can finally get round to visiting more exciting, weird and unusual spots. We’ve put together a list of “Seven unusual sights that only Berlin … Read More

5×5 Insider Tips for Nuremberg

13. May 2015 |

Nuremberg is not only the second biggest but also one of the most beautiful cities in Bavaria. This is where it all happens, regardless of age. And the city definitely has a lot more to offer than the Kaiserburg, Henkersteg … Read More

7 Tips for a weekend in Hamburg

9. May 2015 |

I felt about Hamburg the way Klaus Lage feels about love in his song “Tausend Mal Berührt” – “Touched 1,000 times, 1,000 times and nothing happened, 1,000 and one nights, and it sparked”. Okay, I’d only been to Hamburg a … Read More

7 Gründe Urlaub in München zu machen

15. July 2014 |

Urlaub in München. Heute habe ich ganz besondere Tipps im Post “7 Gründe Urlaub in München zu machen”. Sie sind von euch, liebe Leser. Ich hatte vor meinem Wochenenausflug mit dem City Night Line, dem Nachtzug der Deutschen Bahn, auf … Read More