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Lilies Diary | 20. January 2017

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Mannheim attractions – a mini-Berlin

10. October 2016 |

I know – I’m leaning a bit far out of my window here in making such a bold statement. But I think I’m qualified to make it too – after all, I do live in Berlin. Mannheim, it‘s a bit … Read More

Nusa Lembongan Reisebericht: Ein Paradies-Trio

1. October 2016 |

Langsam wird es immer leiser und der Trubel und Lärm aus der Ferne verschwindet. Was zurückbleibt sind nur noch Umrisse der großen Insel. Ich sitze an der Spitze des Bootes, so wie ich es immer tue, und warte darauf, dass ich … Read More

Dutch cuisine – Eight famous and amazing Dutch snacks

11. September 2016 |

When I first discovered chips with Joppisauce 8 years ago I was delighted. That Dutch snacks extended beyond fried foods was beyond me at that point in time.

For sure, don’t miss out on the world’s best chip shops and … Read More

Tips for Stuttgart – What not to miss on your 24-hour trip

11. September 2016 |

Wear comfy shoes! Stuttgart is big, there’s loads to explore, and it’s hilly. Which accounts for some spectacular views over the city. Combine hilltop vistas with numerous resting spots by the water – what a unique place to be! Check … Read More

Ulm Travel Tips – A City of Superlatives

9. September 2016 |

The world’s highest church tower, the Guinness Book of Records’ most crooked hotel, the oldest sculpture of animals and humans (40,000 years old), Germany’s best-maintained fortress, and, until 2009, the shortest urban railway network. Ulm is a city of superlatives … Read More

Meine Myanmar Reise – zwei Wochen ursprüngliches Reisen in Asien

28. July 2016 | 1

Myanmar, Burma oder Birma – unter diesen Namen kennt man das asiatische Land, das eingebettet zwischen Thailand, China, Laos, Indien und Bangladesch liegt. Für mich war die frühere Militärdiktatur vor meiner Weltreise ein weißer Fleck auf der Landkarte. Doch als … Read More

7 tips for an unforgettable holiday on Cephalonia

9. April 2016 |

I’m an absolute repeat offender when it comes to holidaying on Cephalonia, but my reasons are obvious: crystal clear waters, incredible Greek food, romantic villages and marine turtles! Confused about where Cephalonia is? Well, it’s an island that’s part of … Read More

New York City in winter: 7 tips for the Big Apple

26. January 2016 |

New York City in winter, only a small step up from winter in Berlin, I feel. Icy cold winds, clear skies and a huge city with endless roads; simply a bit colder, a bit clearer and a bit bigger. I … Read More

9 Things to do in Toronto – 3 days in Canada’s biggest city

1. December 2015 |

With a brief stopover in Iceland I flew to Toronto, Ontario in Canada last month. My ancestors are from there, but I’d yet to visit, so I was especially keen to explore Toronto, the fourth largest city in North America … Read More

7 insider tips for a fabulous weekend in Cologne

24. November 2015 |

A weekend in Cologne, Germany’s fourth biggest city and my all-time favourite. Why? I ask myself that question too sometimes. It was definitely love at first sight for me and Cologne when I went there for the first time at … Read More