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Lilies Diary | 27. June 2017

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Penis Festival Kanamara Matsuri in Japan

15. June 2013 | 1

„Husaka, Husak, Husake“, chants the crowd and claps. Above them floats the pink penis, the sanctum, which is carried by men dressed as women. Their colourful wigs are askew, their eyes sparkling and laughing. The only thought that came to … Read More

Midnight Sun Film Festival Finland

26. January 2013 | 1

27 000 visitors come each year to be bewitched. By films and the sun. Nobody sleeps for more than four hours during the Finnish summer. Sleep, that what’s you do in winter. In summer, you spend your time living and … Read More

11th Festival: Elderflower Field – Festivals in England

26. June 2012 | 1

Snow White is already dancing on the bales of hay and the pirate with the black hat and colourful water pistol has already launched his attack on innocent passersby. 8am at a hippy family festival in Sussex. Only one of … Read More

6th Festival – Zermatt Unplugged Festival in Switzerland

7. May 2012 |

Zermatt, a middle-of-nowhere kind of place, is hosting its 5th Zermatt Unplugged Festival in Switzerland. This week, this middle-of-nowhere place is morphing into the new have-to-be-there location: 5 days, 9 stages, 25 acts and a whole bunch of surprises.

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Things to do with Contiki tours in Ireland (Dublin)

5. April 2012 | 1

I visited the first two festivals, Strawberry Festival in Florida Plant City and the Winter Party Festival in Miami Beach all by myself. Just me, the locals and my camera. That’s why I was doubly happy to be out and … Read More

Irish food – breakfast

17. March 2012 |

I have noticed, that the irish food, above all the breakfast, has a lot in common with the English Breakfast. It must be rich and fatty to help all the drunken people after St. Patricksday to come back to life. So … Read More

Winter Party Festival Miami

9. March 2012 | 2

Winter Party Festival in Miami Beach was an unforgettable event. Dancing between 500 half naked and good looking man…

The festival, organized my the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, is taking place every year for six days in Miami Beach. … Read More