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Lilies Diary | 27. June 2017

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You and your flowers are killing me!

24. August 2013 |

When will I become like you?

It’s not even 8am yet and I’m already feeling guilty and am in a terrible mood. On Instagram freshly made up faces are smiling at me, Twitter is full of updates about kilometers … Read More

11th Festival: Elderflower Field – Festivals in England

26. June 2012 | 1

Snow White is already dancing on the bales of hay and the pirate with the black hat and colourful water pistol has already launched his attack on innocent passersby. 8am at a hippy family festival in Sussex. Only one of … Read More

Irish food – breakfast

17. March 2012 |

I have noticed, that the irish food, above all the breakfast, has a lot in common with the English Breakfast. It must be rich and fatty to help all the drunken people after St. Patricksday to come back to life. So … Read More

One day in Tampa and on the beach

2. March 2012 | 2

  Don Vicente de YBor in Tampa has amazing beds. After 20 hours on my way, I was so relieved after I saw my suit.

After a typical american breakfast (bagel, … Read More