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Lilies Diary | 19. March 2018

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Dutch cuisine – Eight famous and amazing Dutch snacks

11. September 2016 |

When I first discovered chips with Joppisauce 8 years ago I was delighted. That Dutch snacks extended beyond fried foods was beyond me at that point in time.

For sure, don’t miss out on the world’s best chip shops and … Read More

Smartphone photography – tips for great pics!

9. April 2016 |

I’m on holiday and am super keen to discover the city I’m visiting…so what do I need to pack? Map, bottle of water, snacks, my phone, my phone charger, an additional power bank and my wallet. And my camera bag, … Read More

Iceland – A brief layover on the magical island

22. November 2015 |

I was recently on my way to Toronto, Canada. From Germany to Canada? What a coincidence, one of my dream destinations is halfway between the two countries! ICELAND! And the best bit? Icelandair offers an „Iceland Stopover“ at no extra … Read More

7 Things you have to see on Ko Samui

13. May 2015 |

Ko Samui – paradise! Teresa responded to my appeal “Send me your best travel photograph” and promptly joined the team of bloggers at Lilies Diary. Today she’s taking you with her on a trip to Thailand’s breathtaking island Ko Samui:

Exotic … Read More

Maafushivaru – 7 unforgettable moments on the Maledives

13. May 2015 |

They always say don’t look to the past, live in the here and now. I generally agree, but I have to say reminiscing about certain moments and memories in the past really brings a smile to my face. I think … Read More

Please, take a seat!

28. May 2012 |

Take a seat on the seaside of Brighton and relax. So many people find there freedom there. Have a look. This is a gallery of pictures from people sitting on a bench and enjoy the … Read More

Photo-Friday: Holidays in Brighton

25. May 2012 | 3

It isn’t my first time in Brighton. I was here 10 and 5 years ago. But it is always like the first time. You have never discovered everything. It’s always something new but it nevertheless feels like home. … Read More

Irish food – breakfast

17. March 2012 |

I have noticed, that the irish food, above all the breakfast, has a lot in common with the English Breakfast. It must be rich and fatty to help all the drunken people after St. Patricksday to come back to life. So … Read More

Winter Party Festival Miami

9. March 2012 | 2

Winter Party Festival in Miami Beach was an unforgettable event. Dancing between 500 half naked and good looking man…

The festival, organized my the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, is taking place every year for six days in Miami Beach. … Read More

Strawberry Festival in Florida

3. March 2012 | 1


40 Festival in one year. I started my new project with the amazing and colorful Strawberry Festival in Plant City – Florida. Every year it takes part for a whole week. The sun was shining all day long, … Read More